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Top Reasons To Join

1. You can meet more people online than you could ever hope to meet in a local bar or nightclub.
2. Everyone on an online dating site is there for the same reason - to meet new people and maybe find a date!
3. You do not have to dress up to date online - you can do it when you want, where you want, even in your pyjamas if you like!
4. Online dating is a great way to get to know people at your own pace.
5. You have the opportunity to really showl yourself and get your personality across how you want to.
6. Online dating allows you to make sure you are looking your best and you don't have to feel nervous about how you appear to potential dates.
7. Different communication ways give you a chance to interact with your potential date in a way you are comfortable with and really get to know them.
8. Online dating is safe and secure.
9. Online dating is fun! Where else can you chat with numerous prospective dates and see who takes your fancy?
10. Online dating really does work! Literally thousands of people all around you have tried and been successful dating online and are really glad they gave it a try!
Top Reasons To Try

1, Meet wealthy and successful men who make over $150k a year.
2, You receive more emails from other members than from any other dating site.
3, Members are verified using our patented Certified Millionaire Verification System.
4, User friendly and easy to navigation, save you more time.
5, Connect with hundreds of new members every day.
6, Connect with CEOs, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, professional models and cheerleaders, and Hollywood celebrities at the same time. It's 10 times more convenient than any other dating sites.
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Millionaire MatchMaker: What Millionaires Want?

Two top New York matchmakers shared millionaire dating tips on how to find millionaires match in the New Year!

When people talk about millionaires, many may think about the lavish lifestyle, luxurious vacations and designer clothes. But a happy and long lasting relationship requires more than money.

So how do millionaires make the most important decisions in their personal lives? Lots of successful and wealthy singles, rich guys use matchmaking services.

New York was recently named the best city for singles, and we know two top New York matchmakers who provide some great -- often surprising, but helpful -- tips on how to snag a rich one.

We sit down for a Q&A with both of them.

Siggy Flicker, MQI

Lisa Clampitt, VIP Life Siggy Flicker is the head matchmaker for Model Quality Introductions in the New York tri-state area with more than a decade of matchmaking experience. Lisa Clampitt is the president of VIP Life and co-founder of the Matchmaking Institute, a book author and a professional matchmaker since 1999.

NBC New York: Who are your millionaire clients? Why do they use a matchmaking service?

Flicker: Most of our male clients are between the ages of 35-60, have graduated from Ivy League Schools and have mastered their professions. We have clients that range from celebrities, CEOs, Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys and Inventors. What these men have is success and brains. What they don't have is TIME to find their partner. Just like most people including myself, I go to professionals to have my hair done, my nails, my facials and so on. The male clients hire me to weed out the garbage and find them a compatible match. Most people outsource everything else in their lives to experts, so why leave the most important part of your personal life to chance?

Clampitt: VIP Life male clients tend to range from late 20’s to mid 50’s, with varied occupations including CEOs, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, finance professionals, entertainment executives, doctors, lawyers, among others. Clients are often very busy and are ready to outsource their love life. Male clients tend to want it all, beauty, brains and a heart of gold. However, sometimes the skills that make a man successful in business, such as being the aggressive top dog that leads all the meetings and demands attention, are less impressive on the dating scene. A balanced conversation, curiosity about others, humor, flirtation and confidence with a touch of vulnerability are all key qualities in successful dating.

NBC New York: What are they looking for?

Flicker: Attractive, fun, polished, intelligent, classy ladies who posses “THE WHOLE PACKAGE” - beauty, brains and a body. Some men are searching for an athletic partner, or one who can travel, or a partner that has attended or has graduated from an Ivy League school. Some of our male clients have gone as far as to request a partner based on ethnicity from Asian, Latin, and American, etc. Some of our female clients have requests such as height, age or ethnicity, and just recently I have had a female client request a male partner who plays a musical instrument.

Clampitt: Men are visual creatures to begin with and when a man has it all, his visual expectations can become even more particular. But these days, looks alone don't cut it. Men are looking for it all; looks, style, personality, intellectual compatibility, good nature and in the end; LOVE. VIP Life works with the most discerning clients who are not willing to settle.

NBC New York: What are some tips on dating and keeping a millionaire?

Flicker: My advice to dating a millionaire match is not to be intimidated by the word “millionaire”. Remember that if one has been chosen by me and I think you are worthy then you must be. Be truthful, Be sincere, be cool, calm and collected and most importantly, have fun and be yourself. Act like a lady and keep conversations on the first few dates light. Don't talk about failed past relationships or financial problems or politics. Remember that if it was meant to be than it is going to be. The easy part to my job and to all that are in search of love is to remember that chemistry comes from the man above. You can't buy it. You can't create it. It just happens. It is important never to give up and to continue to go out and date and date until you find your special someone and remember that life isn't supposed to be easy and where there is a will there is a way. Stay positive. Stay focused and enjoy the journey.

Clampitt: One of the biggest requests VIP Life gets from its male clients is that they want a sweet and genuine woman who is not angry or jaded. Key tips on finding and keeping a millionaire are to be open, approachable, loving, fun, happy, flirtatious, curious, and light hearted especially in the beginning. Once in a relationship, don't forget the beginning tips and never take the relationship for granted. Continue to have fun, feel sexy and remain loving. Love and business are two completely different skill sets. A common misconception is that a millionaire has all the answers and knows exactly what he wants. That is not always the case. We all have a desire to love and be loved and the path to a long-term healthy relationship is not always the obvious road.

NBC New York: Who are your female clients? What are the chances for an average looking gal to date a millionaire?

Flicker: Age 20-50. The chances are great. What is average for one guy could be spectacular to another.

Clampitt: From early 20’s to mid 40’s. They are beautiful and sophisticated women interested in having a long-term relationship with dynamic and attractive men that have proven their success within the business community, and these men want to meet women of exceptional beauty, grace and substantive intellect.

Beauty is to the successful man as money is to the attractive woman. That being said, the more important question is why is marrying a millionaire so important? The less boundaries and rules you put on the game of life and love the more the world will open up with limitless possibilities.

NBC New York: What are your fees?

Flicker: Men pay $20,000 and up a year. The broad range is set based on one location or multiple locations throughout the county. The women, if accepted pay nothing. We have full time recruiters working throughout the tri-state area searching for women that fit a certain criteria that MQI has established. After I interview the potential women, I use my gut instincts and decide whether or not that she fits the MQI criteria.

Clampitt: Fees start at $12,500 and up for men and membership is free for exceptional women who qualify to enter the database.

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[online dating] Online scams keep claiming victims

You're too smart to get drawn into one of those bogus lotteries or online dating scams designed to part you from your money, right?

A Berks County woman who contacted us had felt likewise, but she got conned nonetheless, and now wants to warn those who wanted to date a millionaires match online.

A Nigerian scammer captivated the woman through online chats, eventually convincing her to send him $500. She was ready to transfer more money before discovering his name and photos on a romance scam Web site, and realized she'd been duped.

Another Berks woman recently sent $250 to a caller who claimed she would then receive $2.75 million from a lottery she wasn't even sure she'd entered.

"I knew it seemed too good to be true, and that you shouldn't have to pay to receive a prize, but they were very convincing," she said. So the woman, who is on a very fixed income, gave away what amounted to her rent payment.

There is no doubt that these scammers are skilled, so consumers need to stay alert.

More tip on avoiding dating scam: Millionaire Dating Tips

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Dating Advice: New Year's Resolutions. Who Needs Them?

Bah humbug? No, not really. I met several singles over the holidays who dreaded this time of the year and were happy for a chance at a new beginning. January is the single largest month for new subscriptions to online dating services. When they discussed their frustrations with online dating, I asked why it wasn't working for them.

Their number one reason was FEAR. Yes, fear. Fear has caused many singles to lie about their age to fit into a search. This isn't new. So, when a 59 year old fairly attractive male told me he said he was 55 in his profile and he wasn't planning on changing that number, I asked him, "Will you still be 55 when you are 60?" He had to think about the answer.

Most of us look in the mirror and think we look younger than we are. We see photos on Facebook from high school and college friends and they always appear older than us, or at least we think so.

I continued my discussion with the almost 60-year old man. He was concerned that only older women would write to him. Maybe some will. When I convinced him that he didn't have to go out with every woman who wrote to him, especially those that didn't fit into his search, he eased up for a minute. When I was positive that he wasn't going to tell the truth about his age, I asked him how he'd feel if a woman lied about her age and said she was 5-10 years younger. Although it's a common trend in cyberdating, he said it's a turn-off to him.

Finally, I asked him to make a New Year's resolution to update his profile. He was not going to say he was 59 as fear of turning 60 made him panic. He did reluctantly agree to adding a "disclaimer" in his profile saying that he was really 59 but looked and felt much younger and wanted to fit into a search. I asked him to be honest about his age. He said he'd try it. After all, he hadn't been successful in lying on his online dating profile in the 3 years he has been on multiple Internet dating sites.

It's a New Year. 2009 was difficult for many with the economic turbulence. The desire for singles to couple-up is at an all time high. Wouldn't you want someone to be honest with you from the beginning? New Year's resolutions. Who needs them? We all do, if we want 2010 to be better than 2009.

Make it your New Year's resolution to live your life with authenticity -Online, offline, and where ever you may roam.

More Read: the most effective and most valuable millionaire dating sites online and exclusive millionaire dating tips!

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Dating Guide: If you are dating and over 40, then...

Dating is supposed to be a fun activity no matter what your age or experience with the opposite sex. That being said, here are tips to bear in mind if you are either coming out of a bad marriage and are in the market to find a millionairematch again, or are continuing to date till now.

Although there are no secret formulae to make your date a hit, there are, however, basics which are the same even today as they were when our grandparents, perhaps, were around. When it comes to dating, the three principles are: 1) relax, 2) pay attention and 3) be yourself. Some people may be setting the bar too high when it comes to dating.

Relax: This is of utmost importance. C'mon, it's not that serious. It's supposed to be FUN! Take a tip from the "younger" set and "just chill." Don't look at your date as the answer to all of your problems – your ills, shortcomings, things you didn't get as a child, things you did get and want to keep getting, or any other entitlements on your list. Rather, enjoy your date's company and look at the experience as a chance to make a new friend, or to be enlightened on a subject you knew little about before the date. Because at this stage of the game it means nothing, and therefore nothing should be read into the experience. Period.

Pay attention: From the first date to whatever transpires over the next few months. Remember, even though you're still "chilling," if you've gotten past the first few dates, it's time to show the other person you are sincere about getting to know them. Let's stop right here and think about that phrase (go back and say it out loud if you need to) ask yourself, did you really get to know the person during those first few dates, or were you concentrating on your needs again and what you want and expect? This is where many of us get into trouble – especially women.

Avoid tunnel-vision: 1) how much money he makes, 2) what kind of car he drives, 3) how does she dress, and keep an open mind about his/ her potential as a mate (if that's what you're looking for) based on what you've learned about him/ her already.

This openness can spare you from wasting time in dead-end relationships, because you'll find out all you need to know about the person simply by listening to them and observing their actions.

Be yourself: You’ve heard this before, but if you still find yourself acting weird on a date, then you've not been heeding to this warning. Keep in mind that the other person is nervous too; it's natural. Meeting a complete stranger (or if a friend introduced you, a once-removed-complete-stranger) can make anyone uncomfortable. By being relaxed and acting natural, you can help your date do the same.

Dating pet peeves
Now that we've got the principles of dating down, let me share my pet peeves.

Peeve No. 1 : The guy who has to tell me all his personal business in the first five minutes upon meeting him. This signals that he's impatient and wants to cut to whatever chase he has in mind. Usually, this man is scared to death of growing old alone and doesn't want to waste time.
What to do? Avoid this type like the plague and remember this: your 40-plus age doesn't negate the need to take your time.

Peeve No. 2: When a guy tries to impress with all the things he says he owns. But how do you know he's telling the truth? And besides, when you're over 40, you probably already have things and you're likely now looking for "substance."
What to do? Take it all with a grain of salt, be nice and when the date ends, rely on your gut to tell you your next move.

To be blunt, dating is a way to search the marketplace for someone who's compatible with your values, likes and dislikes. Things like who pays for dinner, whether you meet him at the restaurant or get picked up, or who calls whom first, is basically kids' stuff.

Do what you feel comfortable with and don't let convention (or your friends) rule. If it feels right it probably is, and if it doesn't feel right, follow your intuition, which at 40-plus should be nothing new.

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Online dating: You're never too married to go dating

"Married dating" classes promise to drag you and your partner back to the days when you were tearing each other"s clothes off and conversation consisted of more than "good night" at the end of each day.

Married dating classes attempt to school you back into being old romantics by using techniques including individual discussions with a consultant, tips on how to flirt with your partner again, how to dress to impress and how to surprise your partner like you used to.

"When you"re dating, everything is new and exciting," says Elect Club"s Haley Hill, who organises couples" classes. "But when a level of security is reached, we tend to slip into our comfort zone and that initial desire we felt for each other disappears."

The rise of married dating classes comes on the back of new research which states many couples are unable to divorce because of financial restraints.

According to the study by divorce firm Law Options, 60 per cent of married people are too scared to get a divorce because of the cost and more than a third would never leave their partner because of loans and shared mortgages.

For those who find time a problem, some class organisers such as Asian Dinner Club will not only send you out to dinner after your flirt class but will find a babysitter, book you a table and even get someone to vacuum while you are out so your boudoir is ready for romance when you return.

"The hardest part is actually getting people out of the house," says director Salima Manji, whose service will organise surprise "dates" throughout a six-month period and introduce them to other married couples at networking nights.

"During that time we will help you plan any important dates like birthdays and anniversaries and get your confidence back," she says. "Also, by introducing you to other married couples you take the burden of conversation off each other – we encourage you to make new friends and spend a little time apart."

Doctor Manoj Mistry, 35, and his wife, Sam, 34, from west London signed up for the Asian Dinner Club"s married dating classes after routine and work pressures had meant they had started to take each other for granted.

"I went on a “blind date” – with my husband," says Sam. "This happened after the club had given us both a bit of a style makeover so we looked sexier. Just arriving separately made it seem exciting again, like in the days before being married when you never fully know how the night will turn out."

Manoj was less enthusiastic to begin with but was soon convinced.

"As a guy I feel the responsibility to think of romantic things to do, so it was good to have someone come up with cool places to go out in London and do the “man” part of sorting out all the bookings."

These classes are a much less serious alternative to relationship counselling, says Elect Club"s Haley Hill (pictured). In her "Passion Reviver Package" you meet a consultant as a couple, then on your own to find out what you feel is causing the relationship to stall. Then follows "tailored relationship consulting", including style and fitness advice. Fed up of his spare tyre? Has her nagging put an end to sex? Get the consultant to let each other know. The consultancy then books you a sexy weekend away.

If all else fails, you can always put a gun to their heads.

Hill says: "The most popular part of our service is the Spy School weekend – it"s hard to see your wife in the same way after you have watched her shoot a revolver and learn body combat. It provides sexy new experiences to talk about over a romantic dinner that night."

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Dating service for lawyers and attorneys launched.

MillionaireCupid Dating Network, the international leader in millionaires, wealthy men, high caliber singles online dating, today announces

the launch of a brand new niche dating site,, a premium dating site for laywers, attorneys, as well as others who are interested in singles in the legal industry. Besides dating lawyers, members can also meet other successful, quality, high caliber singles as well. Just as the website mentioned: Every serious and quality single is welcome here. However, hightlights lawyers and attorneys dating. Unlike on the main network MillionaireCupid, where members can meet CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities, successful, excellent singles, and lots more.

To find a partner through online dating is not so easy, to date a lawyer can be much more difficult. The reason is: all lawyers are different people. Let's hear the voice of a single lawyer: I am a lawyer and I would hate for people not to date me just for my profession. That being said, if you can't handle the occassional "I'm really busy right now, can we talk later," then you may want to look to a different profession... Without doubt, all lawyer work a lot of hours. "Lawyers working 70-hour per wees don't have time for happy hours or any type of significant social life," said Elena, practicing attorney and founder of the lawyer dating website. "This can result in a high level of personal dissatisfaction." Lawyers have less time to spend on family and lovers. To help them find love more convneiently, MillionaireCupid dating network launched this lawyer dating website. With a short glance on google, we discovered that this is absolutely the first dating service which is dedicated to lawyers dating.

Take a short look at the features on this brand new dating site, live chat, webmail, free wink are the most frequently used tools for dating. Personal blogs, forums, albums ensure members on this site can have enough customzied content on their profiles. Photo, age, occcupation, education, income verification can make sure members on this site are real and credible. Various search tools made the search simple and easy. Dating tips on this site can be helpful to any members who are new to online dating. is a premium online matchmaking site exclusively dedicated to lawyers, law students, and legal professionals. The site is open to all serious quality singles at this moment. Interested? Why not have a try?

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celeb dating: Hayden Panettiere dating Kevin Connolly?

Actress Hayden Panettiere has fuelled rumours of dating Entourage star Kevin Connolly. More Read: the most effective and most valuable millionaire dating sites online and exclusive millionaire dating tips!

The 20-year-old actress - who has previously dated her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia and British TV presenter Steve Jones, was seen holding hands and enjoying an intimate conversation with Connelly at the HBO Emmy Awards.

They were there to hang out together and stayed for hours until well after midnight,” Contactmusic quoted a source as telling gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

Kevin only left Hayden's side towards the end of the night when he wanted to chat with someone at another table," the source added.

Panettiere was recently linked to a single millionaire man Harry Morton, after the two were seen holding hands with just three weeks ago. "He still thought he was dating her last week and told friends all about her. Harry was bragging about getting her to do anything he wants," the source added.

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